Camp Notices – The Perils of Social Networking Edition

The rise in popularity of Kingscroll has lead to a number of embarrassing and indeed fatal incidents occurring as a result of ill advised status updates. As your king I would like to inform you to be mindful as to what you say.

For example…

Thinks I could take out Achilles any time, any day, any place. TeamHector. Bring it.

Those dumb Achaians have left a big wooden horse outside the gates.

Odysseus is Penelope‘s husband
Hello, my dear wife, put the oven on, I’ll be home by nightfall.

Is getting bored of practising the art of self-love. Where is my darling Oddy?!?!?!

Electra has joined Kingscroll
Electra and Clytemnestra are now friends
Hello mother! I look forward to seeing you for dinner next week. I have a surprise just for you! Exxx

Hi there Aristodicus; further to our conversation, yes, I am free tomorrow – pop by with your friends whenever you like and we can talk.

Thank you for the message, friend; don’t worry, I have one last trick up my sleeve: I was bitten by a snake as a child and was found to be immune to poison. Losers!

Ahim pisseredd. Philusophie stinkes. Yeh.
(this update led directly to the creation of what became stoicism)

is thankful that the Persians haven’t found the secret mountain path yet LOL

The city can confirm that it will not give in to AlexanderIII‘s aggression. We will prevail!
50,000 people like this)

Olympias and Pausanias are now friends
Olympias likes 10,000 say Pausanias should have a golden crown

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