Laugh? I Nearly Chuckled.

Let’s hope he doesn’t give up the day job

Seleucus: general, and stand-up comedian. In a Second Achilles exclusive, we peer into his little black scroll of jokes from his recent tour of Babylon.

I’m reading a six word epic poem. It’s from Sparta.

Corinth. The only place where it is not rude for a man to invite a lady to come and see his column.

Why should you never trust anyone from Argos? Because they always sell out.

Two men in a boat see a woman on a strange shore. “Where are we?” says one. “Minoa.” replies the other. “Yes, but where are we?”

Two warriors jumped onto the beach. “Iona!” shouted the first. “But you never threw your spear.” said the second.

Alcibiades – the only drunk to ever become a statesman.

Cleitus is so predictable – always black or white.

Priapus – what a cock (Thank you Ptollers).

I’ve no time for Chronos.

Uranus – proving that the bottom is always top.

Hera – the goddess who always makes herself heard.

Nestor – he was popular with the birds.


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2 thoughts on “Laugh? I Nearly Chuckled.

  1. Why did Dido get in trouble?
    She relied on a Trojan.

    Cicero’s giving a speech and getting all worked up, hopping up and down, frothing at the mouth. A newcomer comes to the forum and says, “What’s all the excitement about?” and the other guy says, “Dunno, we haven’t gotten to the verb yet.”


  2. Seleucus writes: “Thank you Tracy. I like these. I like these jokes and I will incorporate them into my empire— act— stand up act. I have no desire for an empire. The old joke, ‘what do you call a Macedonian who has no wish to rule? Dead’ is untrue. Completely untrue. But how funny I am. Yes.”


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