What Should I Do When I Enter Babylon – Poll Results

Alexander looking buff

A few weeks ago, I asked you my readers what you thought I should after entering the great city. Thank you to those who responded. To those who didn’t, it doesn’t matter too much as I won’t be doing anything that I didn’t want to do in the first place. I’m an autocrat, and as you moderns would say, that’s how I roll.

The Results
Set about reorganising the administration of my empire – 7 votes
Get drunk as soon as I cross the Ishtar Gate – 16 votes
Go fishing with Hephaestion – 10 votes
Make Ptolemy Strap of Babylonia – 1 vote

First of all, it is not a surprise that the alcohol option got the most votes. It shows that my fans are clever people. Of course, one person that they are either lunatic or related to Ptolemy by voting for him to be made Satrap. I would rather put Harpalus in charge of my money.


The poll revealed a certain amount of idealism on the part of those seven who thought I should set about reorganising the administration of my empire. One day, yes, but not yet. Being a king is so boring that way, so why do now what can be left until later? Hey, I am the man who refused to produce an heir before I set off for Asia Minor.

Finally, I trust that the ten people who thought I should go fishing with Hephaestion know that I did not mean fishing but fishing. The only similarity between fishing and fishing is that they both involve tackle. Heh. Good one. I should tell Seleucus that one! If you are confused by what fishing means in this context, then have a look at the relevant entry over on the Glossary page.

Coming back to the point, I am very pleased to confirm that I have decided to bow to the will of the majority and get drunk tonight. Falling down the ziggurat, puking in the hanging gardens, burning down the royal palace… only joking, I wouldn’t let anyone do those things. Were going to keep it respectable and respectful.

The drinks are on Alexander
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