Selefkos/Seleucus and Antiochus I Soter


Further to last night’s post, while I have not yet found a web page that links the name Selefkos with Seleucus an internet search seems to suggest that the two are one – perhaps they are variant spellings or older and newer versions of the same name?
It looks like a trip to the library will be in order to see if I can find a book that will confirm which it is. In the meantime, I must thank @oresteshighking who tweeted @AlexanderIII last night that the son of Selefkos referred to by Cavafy is Antiochus I Soter who married his step-mother. Goodness knows what CPC made of the later Ptolemies.
The reason I mention the above here is that the blog posts on The Second Achilles are written under my name (or rather nom-de-plume) and not Alexander’s. For this reason he does not ordinarily comment on what is written here (especially if they are matters pertaining to his future).

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