Matters Arising and the Kharga Oasis

UPDATED (Link to The Double Lotus below) on 12th March 2014
This post is to say sorry to those of you who ‘follow’ this blog and receive an e-mail every time I publish a new post. You will have received an e-mail this afternoon saying that I had published a blog post on ‘Incest and the Ptolemies’ only to find nothing here. I’m afraid to say I pressed the ‘publish’ button when I should have pressed the ‘save’ one. That post will appear this time next week – when I have finished writing and editing it.

In the meantime, I learnt via Twitter the other day that Chris Naunton* of the Egypt Exploration Fund is currently in the vicinity of the Kharga Oasis in Egypt. If you read my transcription of Sir Patrick Clayton-East-Clayton’s 1932 expedition to the Gilf Kebir on Monday you’ll know that he and Laszlo Almásy passed by the Kharga in their search for the lost oasis of Zerzura in 1932. The reason I mention this here is that while looking for a book on the Ptolemies, I came across one on the Kharga Oasis in Prehistory. Here are a few pages from it.

* His Twitter handle is @chrisnaunton


You can read more about Gertrude Caton-Thompson (and other female explorers of Egypt) at The Double Lotus





Apologies once again for the mix up with the new post. I will be updating the blog (properly) over the weekend.

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One thought on “Matters Arising and the Kharga Oasis

  1. blazeaglory

    Too late. I already read next weeks posting;-)

    Dont well all know the famous Cleopatra. Did her late father not want her to marry her younger brother or something of the sort?

    Well, save it for next week….lol


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