Mary Renault Reading Group on Facebook

Have you read Mary Renault’s Alexander trilogy? Would you like to? One of the the members of this blog’s Alexander the Great page on Facebook has set up a Mary Renault Reading Group page.

The aim will be to read the trilogy and then Renault’s biography The Nature of Alexander.

I have never read Renault’s books before – actually, that’s not quite true; I started one of them a few months ago but got distracted and never went back to it. Being part of a reading group, therefore, will be great motivation to open the books up again.

The Mary Renault Reading Group is for anyone who loves Alexander. It doesn’t matter whether you know a lot or little about him, or whether you have read Renault’s books before, or never even knew they existed. Sharing, learning and – most of all – enjoying are what the group will be about.

Happy reading!


  • The picture of Renault’s trilogy comes from their publisher – Virago Books
  • The photograph of Renault herself is from Wikipedia
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