From the missing century to the shadow of Alexander the Great

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17th Nov. 2014
The Missing Century
(Patheos | The Anxious Bench | Philip Jenkins)
References Alexander and the Ptolemaic Empire

18th Nov. 2014
11 Leadership Lessons from Alexander the Great
(Knowledge | Manfred Kets de Vries)
Alexander’s leadership, and his failures

18th Nov. 2014
Envy can lead to self-destruction
(Zambia Daily Mail)
References Alexander

18th Nov. 2014
A Country Interrupted: Exploring Afghanistan’s Complicated History
(Minters News | Catherine Shakdam)
References Alexander

21st Nov. 2014
A look at Greece’s Macedonian legacy
(CT Post)
Photos from archaeological sites and museums

21st Nov. 2014
Behind Tomb Connected to Alexander the Great, Intrigue Worthy of “Game of Thrones”
(National Geographic | Heather Pringle)
The bloody life and times of Alexander

21st Nov. 2014
When is War Over?
(The New York Times | Elizabeth D. Samet)
References Alexander in Afghanistan

23rd Nov. 2014
Second Temple Era Military Outpost Discovered, Possibly Destroyed by Alexander the Great
(The Jewish Press | Tzvi Zucker)
Has an archaeological dig uncovered the Macedonian army at work?

24th Nov. 2014
Kavala: still fresh after 2,700 years
(Hellenic News of America | Marc d’Entremont)
Travel report from northern Greece

26th Nov. 2014
US Army Corps of Engineers build Afghan National Army base in the shadow of Alexander the Great
(Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System)
NB This article contains some glaring errors regarding Alexander; I include it here as the mistakes can still be used to increase one’s knowledge about Alexander’s expedition to the east

Last but not least – are you are fan of Mary Renault’s Alexander trilogy? Our Facebook Reading Group has just started reading The Persian Boy. All are welcome to join the group and discussion.

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