From Marching Santas to a Farmhouse in Israel

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5th Dec. 2014
March of the Santas on the Danforth this weekend
(East York Mirror | MyKawartha)
Mentioned for no other reason than a. marching santas b. the name of the parkette

6th Dec. 2014
Wednesday Bible Study Club: Paul embarks on second missionary journey
(Mineral Wells Index)
“This vision of a man from Macedonia brought Paul to think of Alexander the Great. “

9th Dec. 2014
Hanukkah has ancient and special meaning
(The Journal)
Antiochus IV’s role in the creation of the establishment of Hanukkah

10th Dec. 2014
Two Star Stylists, One Great Brand
(Alexis Brunswick | Style)
Alexander’s ‘influence’ on women’s fashion

11th Dec. 2014
Just a thought: On Hanukkah
(Aharon E. Wexler | Jerusalem Post)
“The real miracle of Hanukka…is that there are Jews still around to tell the story.”

13th Dec. 2014
Winds of opportunity had blown precisely in ‘fullness of time’
(Nelson Price | The Marietta Daily Journal)
We should be able to get over “Ptolemayan” for Ptolemaic and “Salucian” for Seleucid but I don’t know the writer’s grounds for suggesting that Alexander having ‘his scholars compose a new Greek language’. I wonder if he is misremembering the scholars who translated the Septuagint?

14th Dec. 2014
NY Modern Orthodox Couple Names Son After Druze Officer Killed During J’lem Massacre
(JP Updates Staff | Jewish Political News & Updates)
How a good name can be perpetuated

15th Dec. 2014
The Economics of Great Personalities
(Florian Biermann | Financial)
Food for thought: “The most radical proponents of “historical determinism” would deny any historically significant impact of individuals whatsoever. If Alexander the Great would not have made his conquests, there would have been somebody else who would have taken Alexander’s role…”

16th Dec. 2014
Ambitious quest to spread myth of 5,000 year-old “Greek” culture
(Spy Ghana)
The alternative view: “Four North American museums, in association with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, have embarked on an ambitious quest to spread the myth of a 5,000 year-old “Greek” culture, including the misappropriation of Macedonian king, Alexander the Great.”

17th Dec. 2014
Take Your Kitchen to India on New Year’s Eve
(Samira Nanda | HuffPost Living Canada)
Reference to Alexander and Porus – history, as the writer says, not folklore

17th Dec. 2014
2,800-Year-Old Farm Discovered Near Rosh Ha’ayin
(Eliyokim Cohen | Jews News)
see also
Νόμισμα με το όνομα του Μ. Αλεξάνδρου ανακαλύφθηκε στο Ισραήλ
A coin bearing Alexander’s head has been found in an ancient farmhouse in Israel


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