Plutarch’s Life of Alexander (57 – 63)

As I continue my read through of Plutarch’s Life of Alexander over on Tumblr, here are the links to Chapters 57-63.

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Chapter Fifty-Seven – Baggage Burning, Ill Omens, and the Discovery of Oil
Chapter Fifty-Eight – Sisimithres, the Younger Alexander, Nysa
Chapter Fifty-Nine – Generous to Taxiles, Ruthless towards the Indian Mercenaries
Chapter Sixty – The Battle of the Hydaspes River
Chapter Sixty-One – On Bucephalas
Chapter Sixty-Two – At The Hyphasis River
Chapter Sixty-Three – The Siege of the Mallian City


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2 thoughts on “Plutarch’s Life of Alexander (57 – 63)

  1. Kalpana Ghimire

    Teenaged Chandragupta Maurya/ Sandrocottos could have very well met Alexander as Plutarch has written since, at that time, he was in the region, studying at Taxila. Maybe in Alexander, he saw the personification of a ‘Chakrovarti samraat/universal emperor’ so much extolled by the ancient Indian texts and was inspired to be one himself. Anyway, a few years later, in his early 20s, he himself would become an emperor of the very first Indian Empire.


    • Hallo Kalpana,

      Thank you for your comment. That’s an interesting insight into how Chandragupta may have regarded Alexander.

      As for whether they met – I remain sceptical for the reasons I mentioned in the post but agree they could have met.



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