Alexander: April / Spring Chronology

Alexander’s Chronology

Spring Alexander is recalled to Pella (Peter Green)
Spring Hellenic League is convened at Corinth (Peter Green)

Spring Parmenion takes the vanguard of the Macedonian army into Asia Minor (Livius)

Spring (Early) Alexander begins his Thracian/Illyrian campaign (Peter Green)
Spring Balkan Campaign; Alexander destroys Thebes; Greece [except Sparta] submits (Landmark Arrian)

Spring Alexander cross the Hellespont and lands in Asia Minor; he travels to Troy (Landmark Arrian)
(March-) April Alexander crosses the Hellespont and lands in Asia Minor (Peter Green)

Spring Alexander arrives in Gordion (Landmark Arrian)
Spring Memnon continues his naval campaign; Memnon dies; Alexander [undoes/] cuts the Gordion Knot; Alexander passes through the Cilician Gates having subdued Pisidia and Cappadocia (all the Landmark Arrian)
March – June Memnon’s naval offensive continues (Livius)
Spring (Early) Memnon dies (Peter Green)
April – July Alexander in Gordium (Livius)

January – July The Siege of Tyre continues (Michael Wood)
Spring The Persian fleet collapses (Livius)

Spring Alexander’s new administration takes over Egypt; Alexander crosses Assyria in his pursuit of Darius (Landmark Arrian)
Spring (Early) Alexander visits the Oracle of Ammon in Siwah (Peter Green)
7th April Foundation of Alexandria (Livius)
NB Peter Green gives the foundation of Alexandria as taking place on the 7th-8th April

Spring Alexander has the palace complex at Persepolis burned; Alexander continues his pursuit of Darius and finds him dead (Landmark Arrian)
Jan – May Alexander at Persepolis (Livius)

Spring Alexander pursues Bessus; Bessus is betrayed by his allies and given to Alexander; Alexander quells a native revolt (all Landmark Arrian)
April Alexander marches on Gandara (Livius)
April Alexander crosses the Hindu Kush (via Khawak Pass) for the first time (Michael Wood)
NB Peter Green gives the crossing of the Hindu Kush via ‘Khawak’ as taking place in March-April
April-May Alexander advances into Bactria; Bessus flees across the Oxus river (Peter Green)

Spring Alexander campaigns in Bactria and Sogdia; he captures the Sogdian Rock (Michael Wood)
Spring Scythian embassies and King Pharasmanes try to make an alliance with Alexander (Landmark Arrian)

Spring The Sogdian Rock is captured (Livius, Peter Green, Landmark Arrian)
Spring Alexander marries Roxane (Peter Green, Landmark Arrian, Michael Wood)
Spring Alexander recruits 30,000 Persian soldiers (Peter Green)
Spring Alexander takes Chorienes’ Rock (Landmark Arrian)
Spring Craterus destroys native resistance (Landmark Arrian)
Spring The Pages’ Conspiracy and Callisthenes’ death (Peter Green, Landmark Arrian)
Spring (Early) Alexander marries Roxane, the Pages’ Conspiracy and Callisthenes’ death (Michael Wood)
Spring (Late) Alexander crosses the Hindu Kush (via Bamian) for the second time (Michael Wood)

Spring Alexander takes the Aornos Rock; Macedonians cross the Indus on Hephaestion’s and Perdiccas’ bridge; Alexander in Nysa; Alexander receives Taxiles’ gifts; Alexander crosses the Indus; Alexander meets Taxiles; the Battle of the Hydaspes River; death of Bucephalus; foundation of Nicaea and Bucephala; Alexander campaigns against the Glauganikai (Glausae) (Landmark Arrian)
Spring (Early) Siege of the Aornos Rock, the Macedonian army reunites at the Indus River and crosses it on a pontoon, Alexander arrives in Taxila (Michael Wood)
April The Macedonian army reforms at the Indus River and proceeds to Taxila (Livius)

Spring The Brahmans are defeates, as are Musicanus and Sambus (Landmark Arrian)
April The Brahmans rebel (Livius)

Spring The 30,000 newly trained Persian soldiers arrive in the Macedonian camp (Peter Green)
Spring Mass Wedding in Susa (Peter Green)
Spring Alexander explores the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers; Purge of corrupt Satraps; Susa Weddings; Debt relief for Macedonian soldiers; Tension in Macedonian army over integration with Persians; Alexander explores the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (Landmark Arrian)

Spring The Cossaean campaign; Alexander returns to Babylon (Peter Green)
Spring Ill omens and portents for Alexander’s future; Spoils of war sent to Grece; Alexander prepares for Arabian expedition; Greek envoys call Alexander a god; Alexander orders great honours for Hephaestion; Alexander is struck down by a fever; Alexander dies (Landmark Arrian)
April Alexander arrives in Babylon (Livius, Michael Wood)

*Peter Green Alexander of Macedon 356 – 323 B.C. A Historical Biography (University of California Press 1991)
** The Landmark Arrian Ed. James Romm (Pantheon Books 2010)
***Michael Wood In the Footsteps Of Alexander the Great A Journey from Greece to India (BBC Books 2004)

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