Crossing Asia Minor with Alexander

From the middle of February to the middle of March this year, I ran a short series of posts on my Alexander Facebook page titled Crossing Asia Minor with Alexander. They featured a quotation based on each place that Alexander visited in Asia Minor and one or more images.

Today, I leave the U.K. to begin a month long pilgrimage from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. To keep the blog active while I am away (which may be up to five weeks), I thought I would repeat the Asia Minor posts here.

If you are interested in a place-by-place series of posts, I have also written a series of posts that cover Alexander in India. The first one appears on the Facebook page today. I will repeat them on this blog this summer.

If you are interested in my pilgrimage to Santiago, I will be doing my best to update my Instagram page Sehnsucht and Wine, and my blog of the same name, which you can find here.

Alexander in Asia Minor

  1. Elaeus
  2. Alexander: Elaeus to ‘the Achaean Harbour’
    Parmenion: Sestos to Abydos
  3. Troy
  4. Arisbe
  5. Percote
  6. Lampsacus & the Prosactius river
  7. Hermotus via Colonae
  8. Priapus
  9. The Granicus River
  10. Dascylium (Parmenion)
    Sardis (Alexander)
  11. Ephesus
  12. Miletus
  13. Mycale (Philotas)
    Miletus-Halicarnassus (Alexander)
  14. Halicarnassus – Myndus
  15. Sardis (Parmenion)
    Phaselis (Alexander)
  16. Perge
  17. Side
  18. Syllium
  19. Aspendus
  20. Sagalassus
  21. Calaenae
  22. Gordium
  23. The Cilician Gates
  24. The Cydnus River – Tarsus
  25. Anchialus
  26. Soli
  27. Magarsus
  28. Mallus
  29. The Assyrian Gates
  30. Myriandrus
  31. The Syrian Gates
  32. The Battle of Issus
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