Alexander Timeline

Alexander the Great 356 – 323 BC

Megas Alexandros

Megas Alexandros

359 BC
Philip becomes king of Macedon, being the second king of that name

357 BC
Philip II marries Olympias of Epirus

356 BC
July (20th). Alexander is born

August (2nd). Battle of Chaeronea

336 BC
Spring. The Pixodarus Affair. Erigyius, Harpalus, Laomedon, Nearchus, and Ptolemy are banished from Macedon
June. Philip II is assassinated; Alexander ascends to the Macedonian throne

335 BC
Spring – Autumn. Alexander’s Balkan campaign
October. Alexander destroys Thebes

334 BC
May. The Macedonian army crosses the Hellespont
May – June. Battle of the Granicus River

333 BC
June. Memnon dies
April – July. Alexander in Gordium; unties the knot
August. Alexander falls ill after bathing in the Cydnus River (in Cilicia)
October. Alexander send Parmenion to the Syrian Gates
November. Battle of Issus

332 BC
January – July. Siege of Tyre
September – November. Siege of Gaza
December. The Macedonian army enters Egypt

331 BC
January. Alexander lays out the plans for Alexandria
February. Alexander visits Siwah
Early Summer. Alexander marches for Phoenicia and Syria
August – September. Campaigning in northern Iraq
September (20th-21st). Luna eclipse
October (1st). Battle of Gaugamela

330 BC
January – May. Alexander in Persepolis; burning of the Royal Palace – possibly at Thaïs’ instigation
Summer. Alexander campaigns in Tapuria, Hyrcania, Pathyaea and Areia
July. Death of Darius III Codomannus
October. The Philotas Affair
November. Alexander in Ariaspia

329 BC
January. Alexander in Kabul
Spring. The Macedonian army crosses the Indian Caucasus (Hindu Kush) for the first time
Summer. Reorganisation of the cavalry, crossing of the Oxus River, Capture of Bessus and advance to Jaxartes
Winter. Alexander in Bactra

328 BC
Spring – Summer. Alexander campaigns in Sogdia and Bactria
Autumn. Alexander kills Black Cleitus in a drunken rage
Winter. Alexander in Nautaca.

327 BC
Winter. Alexander takes the Sogdian Rock and the Aornos Rock
Spring. The Pages’ Plot
Spring. Alexander marries Roxane
Spring – Summer. The Macedonian army crosses the Indian Caucasus for the second time
Winter. Hephaestion leads a detachment to the Indus River. Alexander captures Aornos

326 BC
Spring. Alexander and Hephaestion reunited at the Indus River
May. Battle of the Hydaspes River
Summer. The Macedonian army mutinies at the Hyphasis River. Alexander turns west
November. The Macedonian fleet sails down the Hydaspes River
Winter. Mallian campaign; Alexander is badly wounded

325 BC
Spring. Brahman rebellion. Alexander heals Ptolemy after the latter is gravely injured
June. Craterus marches to Carmania
August. Alexander marches to Carmania
October. Nearchus sail west on the Indian Ocean. The Macedonian army crosses the Gedrosian desert
December. Alexander and Craterus are reunited in Carmania

324 BC
January. Alexander enters Persis
February. Alexander and Nearchus reunited on the Pasitigris
July/August. Exiles Edict is announced
Summer. Mutiny at Opis. Veterans sent back to Macedon under Craterus’ command
Autumn. Alexander enters Ekbatana
October. Hepheastion dies. Perdiccas takes his body to Babylon
Winter. Alexander campaigns against the Cossaei

323 BC
April/May. Alexander arrives in Babylon
May. Alexander makes preparations to campaign in Arabia
End of May. Alexander falls ill after a drinking party
June 10th/11th. Alexander dies in Babylon

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