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Arrian and Cynnane

23rd – 30th November

As of today I am up to Book III, Chapter 6 of Arrian’s Anabasis. If you would like to read the latest posts, click here.  For my list of past posts, click here.


Ancient History Encyclopedia has a very interesting article on Cynnane, Alexander’s half-sister. She was as strong a woman as her brother was a man and came close to seizing the Macedonian throne through her daughter, Adea and Philip III Arrhidaeus, after Alexander’s death.
Read her story here. If you would like to read more about Alexander’s other siblings, I wrote about them as part of my bullet-point series here.

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Locating the Rock of Aornos and Other Links

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16th January 2015
Who Lost Persia The Conflict between Alexander and Darius was cast as a face-off between zeal and decadence
(James Romm | Wall Street Journal)
22nd January 2015
Darius in the Shadow of Alexander, by Pierre Briant, translated by Jane Marie Todd
(Lloyd Llewelyn Jones | Times Higher Education)
14th February 2015
Darius III: Alexander’s Stooge The last ruler of the Persian empire will always be eclipsed by his famous adversary Alexander the Great, according to a review of Darius by Pierre Briant
(Tom Holland | The Spectator)
Book Reviews

18th January 2015
How Alexander the Great demonstrated strong leadership
(Manfred Kets de Vries | The National)
Seven keys to success

18th January 2015
Astronomical alignment of geoglyph in Republic of Macedonia may point to Royal connection
(April Holloway | Ancient Origins)
I don’t know what to make of this article – comments below are very welcome!

22nd January 2015
Pale Riders: Adrienne Mayor’s “The Amazons” shows how a myth developed
(Edith Hall | New Statesman)

31st January 2015
Locating the Rock of Aornos
(Llewelyn Morgan | The Nation)
Pir Sar or Mount Elam?

3rd February 2015
A Hunger for Profits Today it borders on madness to suggest that the primary goal of a company would not be profits
(Tjaco Walvis | live mint)
Alexander – the richest man ever to live?

11th February 2015
What Alexander the Great Left His Empire to One Person?
Don’t look for a happy ending

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From Harold Lamb to Yiannis Pappas

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22nd Dec. 2014
Alexander of Macedon
(The News International)
Quotations from Harold Lamb’s Alexander of Macedon

24th Dec. 2014
Living History
(Alex V. Cipolle | Eugene Weekly)
Interview with Dan Carlin – host of Hardcore History

24th Dec. 2014
Gaza: A crossroads of civilisations
(Jessica Purkiss | Middle East Monitor)
Gaza through the ages

9th January 2015
Pay row artist gave City Chambers statue pig ears
(Edinburgh Evening News)
Bucephalus’ controversial appearance

13th January 2015
Alexander the Great Virtual Museum to be Completed End of 2015
(A Makris | Greek Reporter – Greece)
A museum for the ‘net

15th January 2015
Alexander the Great Statue to be Placed in Downtown Athens
(Ioanna Zikakou | Greek Reporter – Greece)
Thank you Yiannis Pappas

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From Marching Santas to a Farmhouse in Israel

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5th Dec. 2014
March of the Santas on the Danforth this weekend
(East York Mirror | MyKawartha)
Mentioned for no other reason than a. marching santas b. the name of the parkette

6th Dec. 2014
Wednesday Bible Study Club: Paul embarks on second missionary journey
(Mineral Wells Index)
“This vision of a man from Macedonia brought Paul to think of Alexander the Great. “

9th Dec. 2014
Hanukkah has ancient and special meaning
(The Journal)
Antiochus IV’s role in the creation of the establishment of Hanukkah

10th Dec. 2014
Two Star Stylists, One Great Brand
(Alexis Brunswick | Style)
Alexander’s ‘influence’ on women’s fashion

11th Dec. 2014
Just a thought: On Hanukkah
(Aharon E. Wexler | Jerusalem Post)
“The real miracle of Hanukka…is that there are Jews still around to tell the story.”

13th Dec. 2014
Winds of opportunity had blown precisely in ‘fullness of time’
(Nelson Price | The Marietta Daily Journal)
We should be able to get over “Ptolemayan” for Ptolemaic and “Salucian” for Seleucid but I don’t know the writer’s grounds for suggesting that Alexander having ‘his scholars compose a new Greek language’. I wonder if he is misremembering the scholars who translated the Septuagint?

14th Dec. 2014
NY Modern Orthodox Couple Names Son After Druze Officer Killed During J’lem Massacre
(JP Updates Staff | Jewish Political News & Updates)
How a good name can be perpetuated

15th Dec. 2014
The Economics of Great Personalities
(Florian Biermann | Financial)
Food for thought: “The most radical proponents of “historical determinism” would deny any historically significant impact of individuals whatsoever. If Alexander the Great would not have made his conquests, there would have been somebody else who would have taken Alexander’s role…”

16th Dec. 2014
Ambitious quest to spread myth of 5,000 year-old “Greek” culture
(Spy Ghana)
The alternative view: “Four North American museums, in association with the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, have embarked on an ambitious quest to spread the myth of a 5,000 year-old “Greek” culture, including the misappropriation of Macedonian king, Alexander the Great.”

17th Dec. 2014
Take Your Kitchen to India on New Year’s Eve
(Samira Nanda | HuffPost Living Canada)
Reference to Alexander and Porus – history, as the writer says, not folklore

17th Dec. 2014
2,800-Year-Old Farm Discovered Near Rosh Ha’ayin
(Eliyokim Cohen | Jews News)
see also
Νόμισμα με το όνομα του Μ. Αλεξάνδρου ανακαλύφθηκε στο Ισραήλ
A coin bearing Alexander’s head has been found in an ancient farmhouse in Israel


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From the missing century to the shadow of Alexander the Great

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17th Nov. 2014
The Missing Century
(Patheos | The Anxious Bench | Philip Jenkins)
References Alexander and the Ptolemaic Empire

18th Nov. 2014
11 Leadership Lessons from Alexander the Great
(Knowledge | Manfred Kets de Vries)
Alexander’s leadership, and his failures

18th Nov. 2014
Envy can lead to self-destruction
(Zambia Daily Mail)
References Alexander

18th Nov. 2014
A Country Interrupted: Exploring Afghanistan’s Complicated History
(Minters News | Catherine Shakdam)
References Alexander

21st Nov. 2014
A look at Greece’s Macedonian legacy
(CT Post)
Photos from archaeological sites and museums

21st Nov. 2014
Behind Tomb Connected to Alexander the Great, Intrigue Worthy of “Game of Thrones”
(National Geographic | Heather Pringle)
The bloody life and times of Alexander

21st Nov. 2014
When is War Over?
(The New York Times | Elizabeth D. Samet)
References Alexander in Afghanistan

23rd Nov. 2014
Second Temple Era Military Outpost Discovered, Possibly Destroyed by Alexander the Great
(The Jewish Press | Tzvi Zucker)
Has an archaeological dig uncovered the Macedonian army at work?

24th Nov. 2014
Kavala: still fresh after 2,700 years
(Hellenic News of America | Marc d’Entremont)
Travel report from northern Greece

26th Nov. 2014
US Army Corps of Engineers build Afghan National Army base in the shadow of Alexander the Great
(Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System)
NB This article contains some glaring errors regarding Alexander; I include it here as the mistakes can still be used to increase one’s knowledge about Alexander’s expedition to the east

Last but not least – are you are fan of Mary Renault’s Alexander trilogy? Our Facebook Reading Group has just started reading The Persian Boy. All are welcome to join the group and discussion.

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From Cats to Flowers, Kings to Poets

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30th October 2014
Local cats get national attention with calendar
Alexander the Great… cat from NWF Daily News

31st October 2014
When the Greeks Ruled Egypt
Good to read something about the Ptolemies

31st October 2014
Letter: Alexander wasn’t ‘great’
From the Daily Freeman newspaper

31st October 2014
Homer truths in high places: plant-hunting on Mount Olympus
Robin Lane Fox goes flower hunting

More Alexander
Why not visit this blog’s Tumblr page? I have started a series of short blog posts on Plutarch’s Life of Alexander. Click here to read more.

Are you a fan of Mary Renault? We are reading her Alexander trilogy over at Facebook.

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Politicised Archaeology and other Subjects

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21st August 2014
Mary Renault’s Alexander: history and fiction both
The Guardian Book Club on MR’s Alexander trilogy (see also 24th Aug. 14)

23rd August 2014
Hamblin & Peterson: Alexander the Great wasn’t content to be merely human
On Alexander’s divinity

26th August 2014
Book Review: All our Alexandrias
“Hala Halim examines the long and cosmopolitan history of Alexandria”

26th August 2014
Tom Holland’s web-chat with The Guardian Reading Group on Mary Renault and other subjects
Scroll down to the comments to find the web-chat

1st September 2014
Michael Wood on Alexander the Great and the Middle East
A free talk on Monday 15th September 6-7:30pm

1st September 2014
Amphipolis Tomb: All Circus, No Bread at Greece’s Newly Found “Archaeological Disneyland”
A critical article from the Greek Reporter on the hullabaloo surrounding the Lion Tomb

2nd September 2014
Politicized Archaeology
from ekathimerini newspaper

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From Macedonia in Fiction to Crete in Fact

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5th August 2014
Historical Fiction can speak very clearly to the present and to the past
The Guardian Book Club – references Mary Renault’s Fire From Heaven

8th – 10th August 2014
The No State Solution
Alexander represents what needs to be destroyed in order for peace to prevail

10th August 2014
Popular Takes on Raksha Bandham
A legendary story of how Roxane used this Hindu festival to help Alexander

12th August 2014
Making Alexander great: creating a hero from zero
The Guardian Book Club on Mary Renault’s The Persian Boy

13th August 2013
USC historian plays with the pieces of an ancient puzzle
“An expert on the Ptolemaic dynasty broadens her studies of Hellenistic Egypt”


There have been numerous stories around the web on the Lion Tomb at Amphipolis. Dr Dorothy Lobel King says what needs to be said best on her blog PHDiva.

The Patrick Leigh Fermor blog has good news about the publication this autumn of not one, but two books about the abduction of General Kreipe by Leigh Fermor and Cretan partisans during the Second World War.

Last Week’s Links

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From Porus to Marauding Greeks

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I subscribe to Google Alerts and every day (or there and there abouts) receive an email that lets me know where ‘Alexander the Great’ has been mentioned on the web. Not all the references to him are of any use – I have lately received one e-mail that linked to a rapper using Alexander’s name – but occasionally an e-mail will come back with one or more links that deserve being more widely known about. I will gather them together and every week or two blog them here.
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24th July 2014
The Indian Republic
Forgotten Heroes: King Porus

31st July 2014
The Guardian
August’s Reading Group: The Alexander Trilogy by Mary Renault

US Macmillan Publishers
Two books related to Alexander the Great by Judith Tarr
Bring Down the Sun
Queen of the Amazons

3rd August 2014
The Standard Digital News
Egypt: Ancient pearl maintains its lustre
on Alexandria

7th August 2014
Times Higher Education
Wandering Greeks: The Ancient Greek Diaspora from the Age of Homer to the Death of Alexander the Great, by Robert Garland

A List of Links to Alexander 

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