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Some posts on The Second Achilles are one offs and of-the-moment. Others are part of a series which I hope will have an on-going interest to visitors. They are linked to below via their individual index. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Alexander and the Journalists
Critiques of on-line articles that mention Alexander

Alexander Chronology
A slightly more in-depth look at the chronology of Alexander’s life

Alexander Revisited
A scene-by-scene review of the third version of Oliver Stone’s film

Arrian’s Alexander
Discussing Arrian’s Alexander, chapter by chapter

Arrian: A Quote and Some Comments
One chapter a day over on the Facebook page

Books Read and Written About
This will include chapters, or even fragments, as well as whole works

Bullet Point Alexander, The
Facts about the man and those around him

Daily Diodorus
A read-through of Diodorus’ life of Alexander in Book 17 of his Library of History

Hephaestion Amyntoros
A look at Arrian’s references to Alexander’s friend

Letters to Arrian
My correspondence with Alexander’s biographer, written 1900 years late

Linked to Alexander
An occasional digest of links that Google Alerts have sent to me

Mapping Alexander
Tracing Alexander’s journey via Google Maps and quotes from the ancient sources

Mieza Book Club, The
Some English chaps read books and talk about them in a pub

Muscular Macedonians
They were the hardest men ever – read how

Nature of Curtius, The
A look at how Curtius uses topography, flora and fauna in his narrative

Nota Bene
Posts that don’t belong to a series but which I think are worth highlighting

Penguin Edition of Arrian, Headings
Just a list of the ‘chapter’ headings from my edition of Arrian – for reference purposes

Plutarch’s Women
What (if anything) does Plutarch have to say about the women Alexander knew and met?

Spies of Ancient Athens, The
Secret reports from the Macedonian court

Story of Alexander, The
Short stories by me about him.

Sources Speak, The
Cataloguing the references in the sources to six of Alexander’s generals.

Sunday Art and Poetry
A short post for a restful day

Alexander earrings

Alexander earrings

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