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14. Halicarnassus – Myndus

Crossing Asia Minor with Alexander

‘… [Alexander] made camp against Halicarnassus about half a mile from the city [and] prepared for a long siege…’
(Arrian I.20.2)

Text used: Arrian ‘Alexander the Great‘ OUP 2013 (translated by Martin Hammond)

During the siege of Halicarnassus, Alexander investigated ‘the possibility of a sudden quick raid to capture Myndus’ (Arr. I.20.5) as he realised that controlling it would help with the siege. The Myndians, however, told Alexander that if he could approach the city without being seen, he would be allowed in. At midnight, Alexander came up to the city but the gates remained closed. Despite not having brought his siege engines with him, Alexander attacked the city. The Myndians resisted and he was forced to withdraw.

One of the wonders of the ancient world – the mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Credit Where It’s Due
The Mausoleum: Britannica

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