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12. Miletus

Crossing Asia Minor

‘On the next day, [Alexander] took the rest of the infantry, the archers, the Agrianians, the Thracian cavalry, the royal squadron of the Companions, and three further squadrons, and set out for Miletus. What they call the outer city had been abandoned by its garrison, and Alexander took it on the first assault…’
(Arrian I.18.3)

Text used: Arrian ‘Alexander the Great‘ OUP 2013 (translated by Martin Hammond)

When Alexander laid siege to Miletus, a Persian fleet approached the city’s port hoping to bring help to the city. They were unable to do so, however, as the Macedonian navy – led by Nicanor – was blockading it. The Persian fleet was forced to anchor ‘under Mount Mycale’ (Arr. I.18.5) and eventually, withdraw.

Amphitheatre at Miletus

Credit Where It’s Due
Amphitheatre at Miletus: Wikipedia

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